Hooti Distillate Vaporizer Pen Kit


Hooti Distillate Vaporizer Pen Kit

Order Hooti Distillate Vaporizer Pen Kit Online Europe, EU WEED FARM is proud to introduce their all-new line of Distillate Vaporizer Pen Kits! Made with Hooti’s state-of-the-art premium THC and CBD Distillate and reintroduced strain-specific terpenes.

In addition, it is perfect for those looking to medicate on the go and discreetly. Each Cartridge has a universal 510 threading which contains 1 gram of Hooti’s Premium THC and CBD Distillate.

This Pen Kit – Our state-of-the-art distillate vaporizer. This Concentrate Pen kit consists of one cartridge, one battery, and one charger.

Disclaimer: Charge battery upon reception and only use the charger provided in the kit. Charging takes around 1 hour and overcharging may cause battery failure.

ATTENTION* Please prime cartridge before using to avoid a burnt or off flavour. Simply take 5 long, 5 second pulls without pressing the power button.

Available Strains:

  • God’s Green Crack
  • King Kush
  • Hawaiian Cookies
  • Green Crack
  • Afghan Kush
  • Trainwreck
  • Purple Kush
  • Sour Tangie
  • Death Bubba
  • Wedding Cake
  • Pennywise (CBD)
  • Harlequin (CBD)

Press the Power button 5 times to turn on/off the 510 thread battery!


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