Priority Mail

EU WEED FARM dispensary is transporting with operations, logistics Mail, UPS, USPS, FedX, EMS, and dynamite, signed paperwork for five-star Conveyance. Completely Identifiable and no mark needed upon assortment.
Tracking your order

You can essentially follow your request from our site straightforwardly and get significant following data or sign in to your favored messenger site and track shipment, view the current status of your request. You will likewise get an email following we transport out your request itemizing the following information (if discretionary). If you want any help go ahead and get in touch with us.

NOTE: Assuming you don’t get any data containing your request information, actually take a look at your spam, because now and again messages are been sent to the spam box.

Guaranteed delivery(tracked orders only).

If by any possibility your request hasn’t shown up within five workdays, you’ll fit the bill for a free reship (followed orders as it were). Be that as it may, assuming the item has been seized by the custom, we will offer a reship as we flourish to send all Requests 100 percent watchful.
Discreet Shipping Process

NB: For complicated products restricted as per individual state laws;

  • Twofold Vacuum Seal and Secrecy Bundle on all requests so it can’t be fragrance recognized by canine (canines) or electronic sniffers.
  • Assuming your shipment doesn’t show up we can furnish you with verification of shipment and you are redressed however will give no discounts except if it is our mistake.
  • Stuff is expertly wrapped into slick plastic, has no smell, no x-beam infiltration, and can’t be recognized even with the Particle scanner. then, at that point, bundled into a PlayStation or X-box container so the purchaser gets stuff like getting a recently requested game.
  • We in all actuality do likewise send modified bundles (political fixed ) that sidestep every single custom check. To abstain from pounding, things will come in little bundles. Many things, for example, hash and golden glass can be sent through a level envelope. This Envelope will be delivered using mail.
  • We should be cautioned inside 24 hours from the conveyance time, assuming anything is absent from the request, or on the other hand on the off chance that an item is faulty. We can’t acknowledge any notices following 24 hours.

Delivery time

We transport out the orders within 24 hours all things considered once we get and affirm the installment. We furnish you with the following number to follow package development. All packages are tactful and secure (Jiffy sacks and Boxes or Envelopes).

Shipping and Delivery fee

Standard conveyance is free on all requests aside from orders exposed to expedited service which is 5 Pounds(24hours or 24 hours conveyance). All public orders ought to be conveyed within 48 hours from our experience. Orders across the US, CANADA, UK, and UAE are generally conveyed within 3-4 workdays.

We will resend any lost parcel

Kindly reach us if you don’t get your package within 3 working days and 5 working days for the remainder of the world and we will see into this. If it’s not too much trouble, incorporate your order ID and your following number in your message to us.

Returns & Replacements

In the unlikely event that you receive the wrong product or product doesn’t meet your expectation. Simply notify us so that we can arrange for an exchange. We will process this as soon as we receive and check the incorrect product. Due to the nature of the business, Once your order leaves our facility you will not qualify for any refund or return, so please bear in mind that all sales are FINAL. You have till the time of purchase till the time of dispatch to cancel or amend your order. A 10% surcharge will apply to any cancellation.

We do all our best to offer a SAFE, SECURE, and DISCREET delivery and we also give you a guarantee that all your orders will make it through the various customs of your country.

  1. NOTE: Make sure there are no errors with your email address, house address, telephone numbers. We don’t want to ship orders out to the wrong persons and the wrong addresses.
  2. 100% Risk-Free and safe delivery to both Home and  P.O Box addresses.