Platinum Bubba Marijuana Strain

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THC: 20%, CBD: 1%


Creative, Euphoria, Happy
May Relieve 
Chronic Pain, Depression, Inflammation, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, Stress


Platinum Bubba Marijuana Strain

Buy Platinum Bubba Marijuana Strain online Europe. The Platinum Bubba strain is of the Indica variety and has a THC level of +20 percent. It has a flowering time ranging from 60 to 65 days. It produces a purple-coloured plant weighing around 125 grams and the strain has a greenish and rust colour.

It is a commonly used platinum level strain that is perfect for people suffering from severe injuries and chronic pains. Platinum Bubba also has a strong effect on anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, migraine, stress, and Parkinson’s disease. If you are suffering from any of these conditions and want to mitigate your pain, this strain is the right match for you.

It takes a couple of minutes to properly kick-start within your body, but it soon takes over your body and mind and puts you into a deep sleep. It relaxes you completely and most patients using it for chronic pain management hardly wake up during their sleep.

It has a spicy aroma, but its flowers are sweet-tasting. Platinum Bubba is commonly used in California but is now finding its way to several other locations as well. It suits most people but does have the tendency to sometimes produce couch-lock in certain patients.

7 reviews for Platinum Bubba Marijuana Strain

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    Very well worth the money.

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    Very well worth the money.

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    Very well worth the money.

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    Very well worth the money.

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    Very well worth the money.

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    Good service.

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